1. …No self-respecting Trinbagonian, for example, is truly without a repertoire of four or five types of this unique sound.  It can be a quick, short curl of the mouth or a very long sucking of teeth.

    Rawlins includes in this body of work, the steupps bandana.He views it as a working performance piece, where his audience is engaged by wearing the pocket square over their mouth and nose.  It is an audacious choice of dress, as the bandana has gone from head gear to symbol of the gangsta, obscuring face from view.  A gesture of hostility, fear and menace. 

    It is his way of toying with the audience, rattling them, getting them active in ways they would least expect. His bandana is his look at the mask…

    Rawlins is saying to us, stop being so reactionary that thinking constructively is removed from the scene.  Be part of the discourse.  Come into the fold; keep your uniqueness while joining in to the performance, if only for a moment, adding to the masque-aware, but not mindless.

    - Adele Todd “Steuuuuuupppppps!”

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    Oh I wish I was there…
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    I have a long overdue Steupss photoset to upload. I am sloppy. Steupps.
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