1. Molasses

    i’m a hands woman 
    love to take his large fingers 
    and suck on the tip of each one
    just before i walk away

    molasses is that audacious
    once you use it to sweeten your tea
    you’ll never go back to sugar 
    but beware
    it sticks to everything
    leaving a trail

    molasses can be callous
    leave it to harden
    and you’ll pass each other on the street
    your hatred all that connects you
    not even remembering 
    the lunch time quickies
    that got you through 
    the afternoon of work

    mark my words
    children who turn away
    from their parents 
    will not have the pleasure
    of sitting at a table 
    spread in their honor

    family is kindred
    to molasses

    - Opal Palmer Adisa


  2. After-image

    When this machine is dead 
    the poems it made will flare
    wild, flower, will echo the slipped cog 
    rusting like blood. The petals will engage 
    as accurately as teeth, cutting 
    the line short.
    Stems will continue to hurl the head’s career 
    in some automatic transmission of dream:

    the tired metal stammers, breaks, is bled. 
    Its images persist;
    repeating softly 
    what the metal said.

    - Dennis Scott


  3. Fairy Tale

    Openly he says: Sir, when I grow up
    I want to be fine man, someone like you.
    Secretly he says: You old fool, I’ll join
    a gang like Apple-jackers or Navarones
    and if we catch you in the street
    we will break all your bones.
    You say you teach me about life
    but you don’t know that life is strife
    between mother and father.

    Life is nothing to eat when morning comes;
    life is no money to buy books and uniforms;
    No this, no that, no taking part
    in so many things you say make life.
    Life is a drunk father on payday,
    and mother with her feller on Saturday.
    Life is sickness and no cash for doctor.
    What you teach as life is just a fairy tale

    - Anson Gonzalez


  4. generations dreaming I

    generations dreaming I.

    Journeywoman. Journeyman.
    You were a generation dreaming;
    journeywoman, journeyman,
    stepping off the plane
    to an unknown future
    from a certain past that
    became more and more like
    the promise that escaped you.
    You were a generation
    dreaming to change the pattern,
    undo the seams, re-style
    the suits you wore
    as you stepped off the boat,

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